Covid-19 Update

In line with measures being taken at other golf clubs, we will be implementing the following, effective immediately:

• All rakes will be removed from the course so bunkers will be taken out of play. Bunkers should be treated like GUR i.e. a free drop may be taken at nearest point of relief, one club length and not closer to the hole.
• All players are requested to putt with the flag in where possible.
• All pens will be removed from communal areas of the clubhouse so please bring your own with you.

In addition to this, toilets will be regularly checked to ensure we have sufficient soap and paper towels and hand sanitizer (subject to availability). We will also be posting some further updates with regards to weekend competitions, scorecards etc later in the week.

We’d like to thank you in advance for your co-operation during these strange times. We will continue to follow HSE and Governement advice at all times. However golf is still being promoted as a good option for getting some fresh air and exercise (when it stops raining) so as long as you are sensible there is no need to stop playing.